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WarmCore Folding Sliding Doors

Built around a belief that beauty doesn’t have to compromise performance, WarmCore aluminium folding sliding doors were created out of a desire to combine the desirability and durability of aluminium with unparallelled insulation. The orange thermal core - hidden away in the finished doors - is key to why WarmCore doors are 25% more thermally efficient than traditional aluminium systems.

WarmCore Folding Sliding Doors

WarmCore is an innovative aluminium folding sliding door system which incorporates a radically different product design approach to deliver a new high performance fenestration framing solution: “warm aluminium”.  We are redefining thermal performance in wide span aluminium doors.

"Built with a revolutionary thermal core at its heart..."


Strong and secure, WarmCore doors come with class leading security built in, backed by a comprehensive 10 year product guarantee, reinforced by the ERA Five Star security guarantee. Inwards or outwards

opening doors up to 6m wide, with as many as 7 opening sashes glide along custom designed tracks. While a wealth of colour, style and configuration options help you choose the perfect warm, secure and beautiful WarmCore door for your home.

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